Why Us?

Our Promise

  • Finish what we start and follow-through
  • Listen to your needs and communicate timely
  • Give you price competitive services
  • Maintain a high-level of quality


Quality Work, Start to Finish

Once we start construction on your job, we are there until it’s 100% complete.  Period.  During that time, your Personal Project Manager is there to insure quality control is meeting industry standards.


No Hidden Costs

Once we give you a price, we stick to that price.  Only exception to this is industry standard exclusions for unforeseen / existing problems that arise once discovered or changes to your scope.


We Listen, We Communicate

Part of good communication is listening, and that’s what we do with phone calls or face-to-face meetings.  You’ll also have your very own “Client Portal” that allows you to submit trouble tickets and other forms of communication.  This allows us to accurately track any issues or questions you may have during construction.


We Show Up, We follow Through

You simply cannot manage a business if you don’t follow through on what you say.  When we tell you we will meet you at your home, we mean it.  If there are issues beyond our control, we will communicate that with you.


Guaranteed Build-Time

We establish a schedule for your project via our online project management system.  You will have a login to your own “Client Portal” allowing you to see our scheduling system.  See our Guaranteed Build Time guidelines for more details.


Architectural Design & Build

With architectural design and structural engineering costing $6,000 – $14,000, we create all designs with our “in-house” team so it’s part of your project.


We've Build Over 5,000 Homes

Our team’s background is in both residential remodeling as well as custom home construction with more than 100 years experience.  If we can build thousands of Northwest custom homes, imagine what we can do for you.  We have experience you can trust.


Local Pricing

We work extremely hard to secure wholesale pricing on all materials and labor.  Our many years of relationship building assures you our pricing is one of the best.


We Are Industry Professionals

Our entire team has more than 100 years in construction management and construction trades.  We have experience you can trust.


We Are Northwest Local

Our offices are located in downtown Puyallup.  Our entire team are Northwest natives.  We know Pierce, Thurston, and King Counties and their building codes.

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